What is Computer?

Computer: This is the era of information and technology. The uses of computer are so excessive in every sphere of life including information technology and communication that this en is also called the era of computer. Most of the works of our daily life are being influenced by computer. Computer has become very essential in the field of science and technology. Computer can perform mathematical calculation and give mathematical logic.

Besides, performing mathematical calculation, computer can select or choose anything, can copy, can compose, can decorate respectively etc. The use of computer is increasing day by day in the field of trade and commerce, administration, education, industry, medical science, communication, defense, entertainment etc.


The word computer means calculator. It is not only a calculating machine but also more than that. Computer is such an electronic device that can receive, process, transform, preserve and send any data. All the computers are controlled by the programmed command which tells the computer what it will have to do.