Ecosystem of Forest

The forest eco-system of Bangladesh is more or less same in nature. But the organisms of different food chains are different in different places. A forest ecosystem is defined as an area dominated by trees and other woody plants. Healthy forests have a lot going on in them, and many different species of both animals and plants that call them home. Forest ecology is one branch of a biotically-oriented classification of types of ecological study, as opposed to a classification based on organizational level or complexity, for example, population or community ecology.


Producer: Trees of the forest, herbs shrubs.

Primary consumer: Insects and worm, deer, monkey (omnivorous), Hystrix elephant, bats.

Secondary consumer: Toad, calotis, hoppers, bats, different types of birds, tiger.

Tertiary consumer: Snake, mongoose, kite.

Decomposer: Fungus, bacteria, saprophytic insects and worm, birds and wild beast.