Soil Pollution

Now a days environment is taken into consideration extensively more than it was before. Conservation and long time management of the components of environment like soil, water, air, plants and animals etc. has now become the most important matter to us. Now a days man has come to realize that it is better to try to adjust with nature than to conquer it.

Soil is polluted by several means. Soil is eroded by different natural factors like flood, volcanic eruption, rainfall, and wind flow etc. Due to flood soil is eroded and become unproductive. Plant cannot grow on that soil. Rainfall and wind in the same way erode the upper layer of the earth and make the soil.


Soil is the upper layer of the earth crust which is soft and consisting of a mixture of various organic and inorganic substances. We live on the surface of the soil. We take different necessary elements from the soil. The remains of plants and animals return to the soil. Thus we can utilise repeatedly the different ingredients of the soil by rotation. So it can be said that our relation with the soil is very close. If soil is polluted it will have deadly effect on our environment.

Effects of Soil Pollution

  • Effect on Health of Humans:
  • Effect on Growth of Plants:
  • Decreased Soil Fertility
  • Toxic Dust
  • Changes in Soil Structure etc.