Kidney of Toad

The two kidneys of toad are located in the abdominal region on both sides of the backbone. The kidneys are elongated, deep red coloured with the anterior and posterior ends slightly pointed. The outer part of the kidney convex and wavy and the inner side smooth. Each kidney remains covered by a thin is membrane called peritoneum.


  1. To assist in the removal of nitrogenous waste products and other unwanted materials.
  2. To control the balance of water in the body.


Structure of Kidney

The kidney can be divided into two parts :

  1. Renal wall
  2. Renal cavity.

Renal wall: It is the outer part of the kidney. This wall is divided into two parts.

  1. Outer part or cortex, and 2. Inner part or medulla.

The renal wall encircles a cavity in the middle portion of the kidney.

Renal cavity: The renal cavity is surrounded by the renal wall. This cavity remains connected with the Ureter.