Effective uses of instruments related to Information and Communication

We use various types of devices such as phone (land, mobile and cordless), radio, television, fax machine, computer etc. for communication. As a result of using such devices, the world has come to the control of our grip; again many problems have been created also. So we shall have to use them effectively to get maximum advantages from them.

In our country there is a lack of electricity, so we shall not waste electricity by misusing the devices. Many people commit criminal activities using modem communication system. We shall be careful about them and will not do any criminal offence through these devices.

We shall not use computer for a long time. Those who works with computer for a long time, they feel excessive stress in their arteries or veins, nerves, wrists, shoulders and neck for using the mouse and keyboard for a long period of time. If they do not take enough rest during the break of work, various problems may arise in these organs along with pain. Among these problems there are- pain in the hands, aims and fingers, swelling up of the fingers etc.

If anyone works on a computer without taking rest for long time, he or she will fall victim to eye-problems. This is called computer vision syndrome. Among the syndromes there are: burning of eyes, dryness of eyes, itching of eyes and redness of eyes. When you will work on a computer; you should sit properly and look forward. The hands should not be kept on anything during typing and hands and fingers should be kept straight. The screen of the computer should be kept 20 to 24 inches (50-60 cm) apart from the eyes. The light from the lamp over your head and that on the table should be dimmed so that they cannot fall on your eyes or on the screen of computer.

The problems caused by radio and televisions are mainly health problems related to sound pollution. Many of you play radio and televisions in a high volume. It does not only creats problem in your ears but also if there are patients suffering from heart diseases or high blood pressure or any other patients neighbouring you, they may suffer more and get restless from sound pollution. The people, who listen to radio and television with high volume, may fall victim to headache, hearing problems, tiredness etc. health problems. So, do not play radio and television with high volume. Many people disturb others misusing mobile phone. We should refrain ourselves from such activities.