Get this LEGO-Inspired Flux Capacitor Kit for Under $55

Get this LEGO-Inspired Flux Capacitor Kit for Under $55

The Flux capacitor from Back to the Future’s famous Delorian is one of the coolest devices ever imagined. Now, you can make your own working flux capacitor! We’re using the term “too long” because you’re probably not capable of time travel. The good news is that if you take advantage of this limited-time offer with a price drop on this special kit, lower the price from $64 to just $54.99. Did you know that scientists actually discovered a real-life flux capacitor that messages in completely different ways over time? Okay, if you want to play with Lego bricks then you will love this set love come back in the future with this easy to make an easy kit. Includes everything you need to keep your own flux capacitor up and running.

The kit features a new 18-genuine Lego8 brick, a pre-assembled flexible circuit board with animated LED lights, a battery pack with an on / off switch, and full, pictured assembly instructions. Just add three AA batteries and your own flux capacitor will run smoothly in no time! See it in action here:

The kit was created by Brickstuff, a family business located outside of Minnesota in the United States, which gives new ideas to increase customer creation. You do not need any knowledge of electronics to use this system. Lights the lowest commercially available lights for the LEGO® model and its wires are the thinnest available. Take your next LEGO® session back in time to the next level. Order your Flux Capacitor with Animated LED Light today for just $ 54.99 and take advantage of this limited-time deal for IFL Science readers.

Fans of the film and the famous part of the technology will be glad to know that there is a DIY kit that lets you make your own so that you don’t have to go out and buy a valid flux capacitor. And it has sales for a limited time. 

Now you can have your own made flux capacitor with animated LED lights, built using genuine Lego 7 bricks! Everything you need is included with this build-in-build kit. While the capabilities of the flux capacitor are absolutely fantastic and purely fun, there is no shame in engaging in some sci-fi. After all, if you want to build LEGO weapons or spaceships, why not use LEGOs as a make-believe travel machine?