Watch World War Z: Aftermath to get ready for the (Virtual) Zombie Apocalypse

Watch World War Z: Aftermath to get ready for the (Virtual) Zombie Apocalypse

We’re confident that many of you are preparing for the zombie apocalypse in light of the pandemic, climate change, war, inflation, and several other natural and man-made tragedies that have befallen humanity in recent years. Fortunately, preparing for a zombie invasion is similar to preparing for any other emergency—fires, floods, or earthquakes. In addition to the usual supplies of water, food, medicine, tools, toiletries, and other items, you might also require a mortsafe (one of those heavy metal cages that fits over graves), a crossbow, or a chainsaw. Additionally, some practice repelling swarms of hungry undead. That’s where World War Z: Aftermath may help.

Although the likelihood of a real zombie invasion is quite low, you’ll be glad to know that having survival skills would be very useful if one did happen. Mathematical concepts, particularly those related to partial differential equations, or PDEs, appear to have potential applications. You might also simply flee and hide. Alternatively, if you’re a real warrior, you may go out there and repel them.

You’ll be attempting to rid your globe of the dead in the cooperative zombie shooter video game World War Z: Aftermath. You’ll have to fight against hordes of flesh-eating rats in addition to your normal old zombies and other undead monsters. However, you won’t need to worry because you’ll have a ton of weaponry at your disposal that you may customize to meet any obstacle and complete brand-new daily quests. The majority of the content from World War Z’s Game of the Year edition is included, along with gameplay improvements and fresh content like new locations, survivors, and more.

Eight classes—Gunslinger, Hellraiser, Slasher, Medic, Fixer, Exterminator, Dronemaster, and the brand-new Vanguard class—are available in the game, each with unique advantages and playstyles. Additionally, cross-platform multiplayer is supported, and a new first-person view is available to complement the current third-person view.

Therefore, even though a “real” zombie apocalypse may not occur for a very long time, you can already experience such environment. You can become comfortable with learning how to use tools like sickles, cleavers, sledgehammers, and fire axes as well as how to destroy zekes with special maneuvers for just $25.99.