You can’t make a functional knife out of frozen stools

You can’t make a functional knife out of frozen stools
In a peer-reviewed piece of myth-busting research, scientists sadly stated that even in polar winters it is not possible to freeze your own shit and use it as a knife. That’s exactly what you were thinking.

According to the story, which has since become wildly popular online (more bacteria than we think is viral), the old man took a dumpster outside the igloo and turned it into a knife. Explorer Wade Davis tells the story of his book Shadow in the Invite Man whose family snatched his equipment in an attempt to force him to settle. In severe winters, it was hard enough for him to use to kill a dog, turn his rib cage into a sled, and drag another dog into a trackless wilderness.

Scientists at Kent State University have decided that the world needs the truth, and if someone refuses to do the dirty work of trying to arm their own turtles, they will take action against this violation. The story has elements like myth and many have questioned its veracity. Although Davis blames the story on the protagonist’s grandson, he even admits it could be “apocryphal.”

Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports report the curvature of this literal side poopers defecating knife. To make sure the knives were cool enough, they were placed in dry ice at -50ºC (- 62ºF) for a few minutes. The dog butcher was destroyed by most research institutes, Erin and co-authors found pork, tendons, and hide, which was melted at 4 degrees centigrade (40ºF). The first author for the most truth,Dr. Matin Erin has taken an Inuit national diet containing protein and fatty acids for eight days. Four days later, he and colleagues began collecting fetal specimens (hopefully with the help of gloves) and shaping both by hand and in the mold at -20 º C (-4ºF).

Erin and co-authors admit that they can’t get close to the cut hide, leaving the muscle or tender alone. “Even though the cover from the refrigeration cools down, instead of spreading the knife, the edge of the knife just melts on the contact, leaving a line of the anus,” they say. Just to be sure, they tried to use the pope of another party member and could do nothing better than that. Despite this, as they have noticed, a cold hairless pig is more likely to bite than a warm, densely veined dog.

The rebel group did not examine a somewhat similar account, that of a twentieth-century Arctic explorer, Peter Freichen, who dug himself out of a snowdrift using a snail made of his own feces. However, they noticed that the icy dung was more suitable for sprinkling ice than cutting meat.