How to Improve Communication Effectiveness?

How to Improve Communication Effectiveness?

Improving Communication Effectiveness

The barriers to effective communication exist in all organizations to a greater or lesser degree. Organizations keen on developing effective communication should adopt suitable measures to overcome the barriers and improve communication effectiveness. Some such measures are indicated below:

(i) Clarify the ideas before communication: The problem to be communicated to subordinates should be clear in all its perspective to the executive himself. The entire problem should be studied in depth, analyzed and stated in such a manner that is clearly conveyed to subordinates.

(ii) Communicate according to the needs of receiver: Manager should adjust his communication according to the education and understanding levels of subordinates.

(iii) Consult others before communicating: Participation and involvement of subordinates may help to gain ready acceptance and willing cooperation of subordinates.

(iv) Be aware of languages, tone and content of message: The contents of the message, tone, language used, manner in which the message is to be communicated are the important aspects of effective communication.

(v) Convey things of help and value to listeners: While conveying message to others, it is better to know the interests and needs of the people with whom you are communicating.

(vi) Ensure proper feedback: The communicator may ensure the success of communication by asking questions regarding the message conveyed. The communication process may be improved by the feedback received to make it more responsive.

(vii) Communicate for present as well as future: Generally, communication is needed to meet the existing commitments, to maintain consistency, the communication should aim at future goals of the enterprise also.

(viii) Follow up communications: There should be regular follow up and review on the instructions given to subordinates.