Duties to be performed in Conducting Meeting

Duties to be performed in Conducting Meeting

Duties to be performed in Conducting Meeting

Meeting is a technique of oral communication. Arrangement and conduction of meeting is a systematic matter. The procedural rules / steps of arranging and conducting of meeting are discussed below:

Pre-meeting rules / formalities / steps: The following formalities are performed before starting the actual meeting session:

Determining the objectives of the meeting: Meeting of any nature must have an objective. So, the objectives are to be determined before circulating notice, determining agenda, inviting the participants of the meeting etc. Without fixing the objectives, agenda can be prepared and no participant can be invited.

Selecting the date, time and venue of the meeting: After determining the objectives the date, time and venue of the meeting have been selected.

Determining the agenda of the meeting: Agenda is the list of the issues that will be discussed in the meeting. The proceeding of the meeting is generally carried on as per the agenda. Therefore, agenda is prepared and sent to every participant prior to holding the meeting. It helps the participants to prepare themselves to take part in discussion of the meeting.

Selecting the members of the meeting: The meeting must be attended by the eligible persons Therefore, in this stage the proper and legally eligible persons are identified and then invited to attend the meeting in time.

Serving and distributing the notice of the meeting along with agenda: In this stage, notice of the meeting is server to the selected members prior to a definite period of time of bolding the meeting. Name, time, date, agenda and venue of the meeting are mentioned in the notice.

Arranging mad setting the meeting room / place: Prior to commencing the proceeding of meeting, the meeting room / place is equipped and decorated with necessary chairs, table, dias, mike, sound system, etc.