Orientation is the task of the selection process. Orientation is a procedure by which employees are given idea, concept, philosophy, data, and information about the organization so that employees can adjust themselves with their organization. It could refer to marketing orientation or to production orientation, to employee orientation or to customer orientation. Different businesses apply different orientations, depending on their individual goals and strategies.

“Employee orientation is a procedure for presiding new employees with basic background information about the firm.” – Garry Dessler.

“Orientation involves the introduction of new employees to the enterprise its function task and people.” – Koontz and Weihrich.

So, Employees are introduced to those workers who are working in the organization. New employees are introduced to the company outline, goals, policies and the roles and duties to perform for the soft running of the business. It also provides skills-based preparation for the employee to make acquainted him with the business’ traditions and organization’s prospect.