Watch the Astra Launch – Right Now

Watch the Astra Launch – Right Now

Today is your fortunate day if you’re looking for a fix for space launches. The launch of the Astra LV0009 rocket from Astra Space, which will carry three satellite payloads into Sun-synchronous orbit, is being streamed live by NASA Spaceflight. This is a unique polar orbit (one that passes across the poles) that permits satellites to pass over the same spot on the earth at the same solar mean time every year. Companies are preferring to launch from high latitudes to reach polar orbit, and Astra Space operates a spaceport in Kodiak, Alaska. The Launch Window will open on March 14th at 16:22 UTC (9:22 local time) in conjunction with Spaceflight.

THE 14TH OF MARCH, 2022, IN ALAMEDA, CA/SEATTLE, WA— Astra Space, Inc. (“Astra”) (NASDAQ: ASTR) and Spaceflight Inc. (“Spaceflight”), the world’s premier supplier of launch services, announced a multi-launch deal today. The first launch under this contract is scheduled for today, March 14, 2022, with a launch window opening at 9:22 a.m. PDT / 16:22 a.m. UTC from the Astra Spaceport in Kodiak, Alaska, although it might be pushed back to March 15, 2022, depending on launch site circumstances. Spaceflight will be able to use Astra’s launch services until 2025 as a result of this deal. Spaceflight’s launch vehicle partner portfolio has grown as a result of this commitment, and Astra missions now provide clients with more launch options. Astra obtains a qualified and dependable partner that can provide a steady flow of satellite launch clients.

Together, Astra and Spaceflight are hastening the rate at which firms reach space. “We’re always looking for ways to give our clients more flexible and dependable ways to travel to orbit,” said Curt Blake, CEO and president of Spaceflight Inc. “We can increase the launch opportunities available to our customers by expanding our launch partner portfolio to include Astra.” Astra is a wonderful partner because of their readiness to explore innovative launch options and shared commitment to client success.”

Today’s launch, Spaceflight’s Astra-1, will deliver three Spaceflight clients to a 525 km circular sun-synchronous orbit, including Portland State Aerospace Society and NearSpace Launch. During the integration procedure, Spaceflight oversaw the mission for all clients onboard and worked closely with the Astra crew. Astra’s Chief Business Officer, Martin Attiq, stated, “We are happy to join with Spaceflight, who shares our customer-focused approach.” “We’re excited to collaborate to make access to space more efficient, frequent, and inexpensive than ever before.” The launch of Astra will be live-streamed in collaboration with NASASpaceFlight. Astra’s Twitter account, @Astra, will provide updates, including any required changes to the intended launch date.