Internal Sources of Recruitment

Internal Sources of Recruitment

Recruitment is a process of accumulation of human resources for the vacant positions of the organization. It is an initial step of the system. It includes requisition of manpower and at last submission of the application by the job-seeker.

Internal Sources of Recruitment –

Internal sources: Employees can be recruited firstly from the internal sources. Management is usually interested to recruit knows the experienced employees from within the organization. Because management knows the performance level, skills and efficiency, sincerity and commitment and the like of internal employees. Therefore they can easily recruit employees from within the same organization. In the following ways recruitment from the internal sources may take place:

Promotion: Promotions refer to shifting of persons to positions carrying better prestige, higher responsibilities, and more pay. The higher positions falling vacant may be filled up from within the organization. A promotion does not increase the number of persons in the organizations.

Transfer: Transfer involves shifting of persons from present jobs to other similar jobs. These do not involve any change in rank, responsibility, or prestige. The numbers of persons do not increase with transfers.

Employee Referrals: The present employees can refer their friends and family to the job. They are well aware of the organizational culture, working conditions and job requirements. If they find their friends or family suitable for such position can recommend their names to the management for recruitment.

Present Employees: The present employees of a concern are informed about likely vacant positions. The employees recommend their relations or persons intimately known to them. Management is relieved of looking out prospective candidates. It can be –

  • temporary assignment
  • additional assignment.