Transaction Processing Cycle

Transaction Processing Cycle

Transaction Processing Cycle

Transaction processing systems are a cross-functional information system that process data resulting from the occurrence of business transactions. And transactions are events that occur as parts of doing business, such as purchases, deposit etc.

Transaction processing cycle capture the process data scribing business transactions update the organizational database and produce a variety of formation products. Anyway, the transaction processing cycle has the following basic activities –

Data entry: The first step of the transaction processing cycle is the capture of business data. For example, data can be collected by using optical scanning of barcodes.

Transaction processing: Basically are two ways of the transaction of processing.

  1. Batch processing: Where transaction data are accumulated over a period of time and proceed periodically.
  2. Real-time processing (on time processing): Where data are processed immediately after a transaction occurs.

Database maintenance: Transaction processing system update the corporate databases of’ an organization to reflect changes resulting from, day to day business transaction.

Document and report generation: Transaction processing system produced a variety of document and reports. For example, purchases order payable register-etc.

Inquiry processing: Transaction processing systems alert a person to make inquiries and receive response consulting the results of transaction processing activities. For example, you might check on the balance in an account and receive immediate responses at your PC.

So, these are the various stages and cycle of the transaction processing cycle.