Disadvantages of E-mail

Disadvantages of E-mail

Disadvantages of E-mail

Although e-mail has become a well accepted and recognized method of communication in modern time, it is not at all free from limitations. Some of its limitations are as follows:

Absence of nonverbal cues:  cannot show non-verbal cues like facial expression and other body movements of the persons involved in communication. Therefore, e-mail message may fail to draw due attention of the receiver.

Excessive messages: Due to ease of sending messages electronically, people generally send a lot of messages that may not always draw the attention of the receivers.

Difficulty to convey emotions and feelings: E-mail does not communicate visually the sender’s emotions and feelings. In the same way, the receiver also fails to show his/her attitudes and reactions.

Possibility of overlooking the messages: E-mail may be overlooked by the receiver. The receiver may not read some messages due to busyness or excessive messages.

Difficulty to detect errors: E-mail messages do not show spelling and grammatical mistakes. Therefore, the sender may fail to detect errors in the message. This may create bad impression in the mind of the reader about the sender.