Promotion means the employees present position to higher position. This may be the result of either a successful application for an advertised vacancy or, where appropriate, personal promotion. In simpler terms, it refers to upward movement in present job leading to greater responsibilities, higher status, and better salary. The major objective of a promotion is to defend the right, the superiority of a worker and keep his/her support seat in the parent department when an employee reverts to his/her parent department.

“A Promotion involves a change of assignment from a job of a lower level to higher level within the organization”. – “Chruden and Sharmen”.

“Promotion is defined as a movement to a position in which responsibility and prestige are increased.”

More clearly Promotion is the moment to the higher position where more responsibility and more power exist with more opportunities. The purposes and advantages of promotions are to: recognize employee’s performance and commitment and motivate him towards better performance.