Elden Ring Player Shares Effective Method for Dealing with Abductor Virgins

Elden Ring Player Shares Effective Method for Dealing with Abductor Virgins

An Elden Ring player has given a useful tip for overcoming the game’s Abductor Virgins. Elden Ring contains numerous difficult bosses and mini-bosses, and players will almost certainly die to these foes several times during their playthroughs.

Furthermore, players must be aware of the normal foes in Elden Ring, as these opponents can easily kill them if they are not paying attention. There are numerous annoying adversaries in the game, but Abductor Virgins are very difficult to deal with, as an Elden Ring player was entirely decimated by this adversary in Raya Lucaria Academy. One Elden Ring fan may have a solution to the problem, as they have offered a useful method for taking down Abductor Virgins.

CuteBabyPenguin, a Reddit user, has released a brief video demonstrating their method, confirming that the Ghiza’s Wheel weapon in Elden Ring can aid in the defeat of Abductor Virgins. The user, as seen in the video, uses the weapon’s Spinning Wheel talent to swiftly decrease the enemy’s health, killing it in seconds with relative ease. CuteBabyPenguin acknowledges never attempted this strategy in hundreds of hours of playtime before commenting on how it fits with Elden Ring’s narrative.

Elden Ring Player Shares Effective Method for Dealing with Abductor Virgins

Many people in the comments section say that this video is enjoyable to watch because it appears that Abductor Virgin adversaries have caused Elden Ring gamers a lot of grief. One player wants to employ this way to inflict vengeance on these foes, while another observes that their interiors are more prone to damage. Many fans also point out that CuteBabyPenguin wields the same weapon as the Abductor Virgin.

Fans who want to try this strategy should know that Ghiza’s Wheel is a massive weapon in Elden Ring. Inquisitor Ghiza drops it in Volcano Manor, and it requires 28 Strength and 18 Dexterity to wield properly. It’s one of the best gargantuan weapons in Elden Ring, but there are also Starscourge Greatsword and Maliketh’s Black Blade to consider.

In addition to Abductor Virgins, players will face a variety of other foes in Elden Ring, some of which can be particularly aggravating. Lesser Runebears, Giant Lobsters, Flame Chariots, Gargoyles, and other creatures are on the list, and the Ghiza’s Wheel weapon may not be as powerful against all of them.