Star Citizen is Currently Available For Free, but You Must Act Quickly

Star Citizen is Currently Available For Free, but You Must Act Quickly

The annual Intergalactic Aerospace Expo, which returns this year, is another opportunity for prospective players to get into Star Citizen’s enormous space setting for free. Star Citizen’s early access is getting closer to becoming Cloud Imperium’s starry full release by the day, with over two million dollars raised through its original Kickstarter alone and frequent upgrades. The free access to the current event allows you to experience the game as it evolves.

Over a decade after its first release, Star Citizen remains one of the most anticipated space games. If you’re a fan of all things space but haven’t yet had the chance to jump into Star Citizen and see if it’s your kind of interstellar experience, now is the time to do so because it’s free for a limited time during the annual Intergalactic Aerospace Expo.

From now until Thursday, November 30, you can play for free. You’ll be able to try out the game’s updated lessons, test out over 130 spaceships, and get a discounted beginning pack throughout the IAE 2953 period. Cloud Imperium also claims that fleet gatherings, PvP events, racing events, screenshot competitions, and other limited-time events will be available beginning Monday, November 27.

Star Citizen is Currently Available For Free, but You Must Act Quickly

As the premiere of Cloud Imperium’s new single-player mode Star Citizen Squadron 42 approaches, the IAE 2953 event provides a free and not-so-daunting opportunity to learn the game’s ropes with the assistance of its loyal community. With a new game mode on the way and the event now underway, both new and experienced players are enjoying Star Citizen at this critical juncture.

According to MMO Population, the unique sci-fi game is highly ambitious and only seems to expand, with hundreds of thousands of active monthly players today. According to estimates, Star Citizen has over 20 million total players, making it one of the most popular online games in the world. To put this in context, Cloud Imperium’s game is larger than Guild Wars 2 and RuneScape.

It’s also unusually well-funded, even by triple-A standards. Star Citizen has received more financing than Cyberpunk, GTA 5, and RDR 2 combined, with more than $600,000,000 raised for development. When the community contributes enough money to reach a milestone, Cloud Imperium works toward a new goal in exchange, such as new gameplay content or ships to collect. On the Roberts Space Industries website, you may keep track of the game’s progress and goals.

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