ABUS Gamechanger 2.0: More Aerodynamic, Better Ventilated, and Now With MIPS

ABUS Gamechanger 2.0: More Aerodynamic, Better Ventilated, and Now With MIPS

Abus has released the Gamechanger 2.0, an update to their flagship aero helmet. Although it appears to be an iterative version of the original Gamechanger, Abus claims considerable improvements in safety, aerodynamics, ventilation, and comfort over the original helmet.

The helmet is available in conventional and MIPS versions, with prices starting at £239.99/€279.99 and rising to £279.99/€299.99. The price tag undoubtedly puts this helmet in competition with the best road bike helmets on the market – or so Mathieu van der Poel and his Abus-wearing Alpecin Deceuninck teammates will be hoping as the Tour de France approaches 2023.

Abus claims that it has improved the safety of the new helmet. These assertions boil down to the incorporation of third-party safety elements. As the name implies, the new Gamechanger 2.0 MIPS will be available with the most recent MIPS air node technology, which is meant to give enhanced protection against rotating impacts.

Aside from that, the German manufacturer has included compatibility with the Quin Crash Detection Technology. Quin is most known for its motorcycle helmets, but it has previously cooperated with Abus on some mountain bike helmets. The Quin technology is not included with Gamechanger 2.0, but the automated crash detection device can be installed.

In terms of the retention mechanism, Abus has raised the strap width to 12mm and replaced the Fidlock buckle with a low profile Fidlock buckle, both of which should improve comfort and aerodynamics while keeping the helmet secure.

Aerodynamics: We previously stated that Abus has made this helmet faster for faster riding, which may appear enigmatic at first, but it best defines how Abus has optimized the new Gamechanger 2.0 for aerodynamics.

“Extensive wind tunnel and track testing have proven that, particularly in the range of today’s racing speeds between 46 and 52km/h, the new GameChanger 2.0 provides the rider with a decisive aero advantage due to its adapted aero shape,” Abus claims.

Abus claims that this was accomplished by employing a broader kamm-tail profile, which smooths airflow. In another attempt at racing optimization, Abus has lowered the leading edge on the front of the helmet by eight degrees, which he claims maximizes aerodynamic efficiency when riding in an aggressive race position.

Ventilation: The legendary final time trial of this year’s Giro d’Italia demonstrated the necessity of well-ventilated aero helmets. Many riders, including second-place finisher Geraint Thomas, chose to change to a ventilated helmet after finishing a difficult climb and changing bikes.

It’s therefore timely that Abus emphasizes considerable ventilation improvements on the new Gamechanger. New ‘Airboost’ front inlets with secondary brow vents are supposed to increase airflow over the forehead by 32%, according to Abus. Abus has also chosen struts that run back to front, dubbed the ‘ACTI Cage,’ to keep air circulating over the head at higher speeds.