The Exotics From “Destiny 2” To Watch After the Release of the Lightfall Buffs

The Exotics From “Destiny 2” To Watch After the Release of the Lightfall Buffs

Bungie revealed a list of special bonuses for exotics and entire archetypes in Destiny 2: Lightfall yesterday. I wanted to highlight several exotics you might want to take out of the vault or collections before the expansion’s release because what was announced here might possibly have an even bigger impact on Destiny 2 than the new gear that will be included with it.

Some of these only apply to the exotics being particularly enhanced, while others are more widespread. Let’s see, then.

Izanagi’s and Witherhoard – The Kinetic special weapons are getting a boost from a 1.05 to a 1.15x multiplier, which means a significant damage boost for some old favorites, such as the already powerful Witherhoard and the formerly incredible Izanagi’s, which might have a new moment in the spotlight. I’m also a little intrigued to try Bastion when covered in buffs.

The Exotics From “Destiny 2” To Watch After the Release of the Lightfall Buffs

Sweet Business, Huckleberry, Wish-Ender: The Kinetic primary I am most interested in is Sweet Business, Huckleberry, and Wish-Ender because they will receive a 1.05 to 1.10x multiplayer bump. Huckleberry and Sweet Business would be good choices for mob clearing since exotic primaries also get the 40% red bar bonus. Wish-Ender since it already has outrageously high strength following previous upgrades and will now deal extra damage.

Sleeper Simulant: If you still want to DPS with the Sleeper and Queenbreaker Linear Fusions, this might be the best option since Bungie is nerfing all other Linear Fusions. Even with new enhancements like chain arc 3.0 blind, Queenbreaker is still useless.

Grand Overture: In addition to the significant improvement they received last season, its rockets will now activate Arc 3.0 blind. It has been confirmed that it will receive the new MG damage buff but not the reserves buff.

Anarchy: It has been verified that Anarchy will indeed gain from the 20% buff to the Heavy Grenade Launcher, which may enable it to reclaim its former DPS meta-dominance. It will have to be tested in practice, but it will undoubtedly be worthwhile.

Leviathan’s Breath: Bungie is determined to make Leviathan’s Breath relevant, and perhaps they have succeeded this time. It will still deal 10% more damage in PvE thanks to a PvP buff, and in addition to the previous enormous damage boost it received, it will now deal 30% more damage to champions and apply volatility on perfect draws. All of these might be sufficient to upgrade it completely, and some people already laud it in more advanced PvE content.

One Thousand Voices: Observe non-stop scorch-triggered ignitions from One Thousand Voices as a possible new DPS meta, depending on how the numbers turn out.

Sunshot, Polaris Lance: Both Sunshot and Polaris Lance now apply Scorch. Sunshot doesn’t apply as much because it procs so frequently, but Polaris Lance might be able to trigger ignitions every few shots on larger targets because of its potential 60(!) scorch stacks on Perfect Fifth. This may be quite insane.

Two-Tailed Fox: Bungie has stated unequivocally that Two-Tailed Fox will receive a catalyst, likely a third arc rocket with a 3.0 verb, in addition to void and solar 3.0 effects.