A Dating Simulator was Added to Overwatch 2 for Season Three

A Dating Simulator was Added to Overwatch 2 for Season Three

The third season of Overwatch 2, which includes a dating sim for Valentine’s Day, has been announced by Blizzard.

A thirty-minute non-canon text-based dating sim by the name of Loverwatch lets users romance either Mercy or Genji with Cupid’s help (Hanzo). Players are rewarded with a themed POTG Highlight after the secret conclusion.

Launching on February 13th, it will only be accessible through a web client until February 28th.

The Ultimate Valentine’s Event will run from February 14 through February 28 and feature a unique Hanzo 4v4 Limited Time Mode and support-themed activities to earn two spectacular skins and other rewards.

There will be some further additions to the season.

Antarctica will be the first new map given to Control. The lore-rich tundra on the winter-themed map is regarded as having many untold legends.

The overall subject of the third season is Asian Mythology, with new themed skins like the Amaterasu Kiriko Mythic skin being inspired by numerous deities from Japanese mythology.

Players will really receive rewards more regularly during this season just by checking in and playing. On the free track, there will be ten more reward tiers, 1500 credits to earn, and 500 credits on the premium track. Nearly all of the original game’s Epic and Legendary event hero skins have been uploaded to the Hero Gallery.

From March 7 to April 6, there will be a collaboration with One-Punch Man that includes themed skins and cosmetics. Additionally, PachiMarchi will make a comeback from March 21 through April 4 with a brand-new, momentary Kill Confirmed game mode.

Last but not least, various modifications to balance and quality of life will be made. The most important nerf is to Mercy.

Another intriguing new feature is streamer mode, which will conceal everyone’s Battletags in matches to safeguard live broadcasters and their audience. Last but not least, the accessibility settings now include more subtitle alternatives.