An Update to Star Citizen Takes Steps Toward Enabling Complete in-game Persistence

An Update to Star Citizen Takes Steps Toward Enabling Complete in-game Persistence

To make the universe of the infamous MMO Star Citizen more persistent, developer Cloud Imperium Games has released a fresh update.

Players can now leave their imprint on the world thanks to the addition of Persistent Entity Streaming technology in Lasting Legacies’ alpha 3.18 update. This technology enables players to move objects that can be dynamically tracked on particular servers.

Since then, the game has allegedly become “one of the most immersive and ‘lived-in’ experiences ever seen in games,” according to the creator. This technical update is also essential for setting the groundwork for complete in-game persistence.

The salvage profession, which offers a brand-new financial and non-combat career route, is another significant addition.

Players will be able to do to take materials from the target ships and trade them for cash. Along with the Drake Vulture vehicle for the salvage trade and the “soft death” feature, new technology and tools have been added. One such tool is a full cargo refactor.

Visit the Star Citizen website to view the complete patch details.

“Every update to Star Citizen adds crucial new features and advancements in technology, but Lasting Legacies marks the game’s and our entire team at CIG’s greatest achievement to date. Persistent Entity Streaming is a fundamental building block that creates countless new possibilities for gameplay and is the first significant public step towards a genuinely persistent universe where players can leave their mark “said Chris Roberts, the game’s creative director.

“We’re excited to finally present players with the first version of the salvage gameplay and the new physicalized cargo refactor, two significant opportunities made possible by persistence. The release of Alpha 3.18: Lasting Legacies has been eagerly anticipated by our players, and I’m immensely pleased that we can now provide them with our most significant patch update in years, one that will make the galaxy even more alive and real than ever.”

But there have been issues with this upgrade. According to the Star Citizen subreddit, some players have complained about having trouble getting into the game.

Furthermore, the 3.18.1 upgrade from the developer may include a partial data wipe.

A partial wipe was possible but “not assured to happen,” the developer said in response. If it does happen, aUEC’s image would be unharmed. It stated that only items acquired through in-game sales or looting would be impacted, though its system will keep track of purchases so they can be recovered in the event of a future update.

The game’s creator, Cloud Imperium Games, initially outlined an ambitious five-year roadmap, but subsequently scaled it back to avoid upsetting players with delays.