Next Week’s Offerings on the Epic Game Store are Led by Chess Ultra

Next Week’s Offerings on the Epic Game Store are Led by Chess Ultra

Leap Game Studios, the game’s creator, describes Tunche as a “2D beat ’em up with rogue-lite elements and hand-drawn art, set in the Amazon Rainforest.”

Every time they begin their adventure into the jungle, “players will have a different experience, always taking different paths, facing fantastic creatures based on animals of the area, and gathering experience point to level up and purchase skill upgrades.”

When you’re focused on your components, brother, one community is very similar to another. Users of the Epic Games Store will be able to discover next week when Ripstone’s board game, Chess Ultra, becomes free to acquire starting on Thursday, March 23.

Chess Ultra, which was released in 2017, polishes up the classic strategy game for use on a digital platform. In addition to 10 levels of Grandmaster A.I. and internet multiplayer support, Chess Ultra provides a range of conventional and elaborate chess sets and pieces. Over 80 situations, some of which are taken from the tense climaxes of actual chess competitions, are available for players to solve in a variety of timed settings. Additionally, Chess Ultra enables VR with Oculus and HTC Vive in 4K resolution.

The recent Epic Games Store upgrade will also provide free DLC for the venerable strategy game World of Warships in addition to Chess Ultra. The Tier IV cruiser Ishizuchi is included in The World of Warships — Starter Pack: Ishizuchi, along with 11 Epic camouflage designs, five reward containers, and a number of in-game boosters and cash packets. If you’re a lover of World of Warcraft, make sure to take advantage of this deal while it lasts since the DLC typically sells for around $20.

In the recently released creator economy of the game, engagement payments to qualified island publishers—including Epic—are dependent on measures like player retention and popularity.

The participation group will receive monthly payments from Epic and receive 40% of the total income from the Fortnite Item Shop and associated real-money transactions.