Albion Online has Launched its East Server to Provide a Better Experience for Eastern Users

Albion Online has Launched its East Server to Provide a Better Experience for Eastern Users

As Albion has started its new server, gamers in the East and those in the West with exceptionally high latency can rejoice. Albion East, as it is known, will give players of the video game an opportunity to either have an improved gaming experience or discover a completely new universe. Albion East is based on the Asia-Pacific religion.

The fact that this new server will provide significantly lower ping for users further to the East is, of course, the main discussion point in this situation. Games can be impossible to play when trying to link to a server halfway around the globe, so this is a great chance for those who require it.

Another advantage is that game and computer activities are optimized. Territory fights, Crystal League, Faction Warfare, upkeep, and everything else will now take place at a more reasonable hour, rather than what was presumably 4 a.m. on the Western sites.

The chance to completely restart in Albion is one very intriguing possibility that this debut presents. Albion West has a reasonably saturated market that is very challenging for new players to break into because the game has a completely player-led economy. Albion East is brand-new, giving everyone the chance to seize a portion of this blank canvas and prepare for virtual life.

You still have until April 30 to pour a ton of cash into Sandbox to become a Founder and receive some special benefits. You can purchase Bronze for $19.95, which includes some founder furnishings, premium days, and beginning gold. This goes all the way up to $199.95 for Crystal, which includes a year of extra time, a unique band, some unique skins, and more, so if you want to be exceptional, you’ll have to pay a lot.

The server’s first Guild Season will commence on March 25th, so make sure to join Albion East as soon as possible by getting the game from the App Store and Google Play.