Ori Developer Moon says it’s Next Game Could “Make or Break” the Company

Ori Developer Moon says it’s Next Game Could “Make or Break” the Company

Moon Studios CEO and game director Thomas Mahler wrote on Twitter that the company had no intention of taking it easy with the forthcoming game.

For Moon, “our upcoming endeavor will be a make-or-break moment,” he wrote.

“Either we succeed in revolutionizing the ARPG category or we gradually vanish into the horizon.

Although it should be frightening, I LOVE the task! We’re coming for you, Diablo, PoE, etc. May the greatest player prevail!

Mahler added that the game’s top-down camera view will be present.

Mahler, a former cinematic designer at Blizzard Entertainment, and Gennadiy Korol founded Moon in 2010. (a former senior graphics engineer at Animation Lab).

When it was revealed that Private Division would be publishing the game in 2020, the two said, “Developing the Ori series over the last decade has been a great experience for our team, and we’re delighted to now be aiming our goals even higher with a new action RPG.”

We at Moon Studios credit our success to the “iterative polish” process we employ, and we’re keeping up with that method of game creation to produce a new title that surpasses everything we’ve previously produced.

Moon’s involvement with an action RPG was first made known by a job posting for a game creator that was published in late 2019.

Diablo, Zelda, and Dark Souls expertise was required, and it was stated that the position would give the chosen applicant the chance “to work on an RPG that dares to innovate and go far beyond what the genre has given players thus far.”