Before the Raid on Lightfall, Destiny 2 Players are Worried About a Wild Framerate Issue That Changes the Damage

Before the Raid on Lightfall, Destiny 2 Players are Worried About a Wild Framerate Issue That Changes the Damage

Recent updates to Destiny 2’s live servers include Lightfall, which adds new content like a mission, subclass, and location. But Lightfall has also introduced a number of bugs that have the player population very worried. Since the release of the latest expansion, Destiny 2 has had a lot of issues, including subclasses, exotics, and UI problems.

As the game nears the release of the Lightfall raid, this is especially troublesome. Players are worried that flaws will taint Bungie’s World First Raid Race for The Root of Nightmares, which will be held in conjunction with the game. Many of these bugs are quite serious, and they can quickly ruin the game’s equilibrium or level of competition.

Bungie has taken actions to lessen the issues brought on by the bugs, including looking into a number of fixes and disabling exotics that they consider to be game-breaking. Even though Bungie has been making every effort to fix the problems, it seems like new flaws just keep appearing.

Unfortunately, the Destiny 2 community has now drawn attention to yet another bug. A damage bug that has been present in the game for a while has come to the notice of the player base, who claim that the release of Lightfall has only made it worse.

Players with lower FPS can greatly reduce the amount of damage they receive from some attacks thanks to the aforementioned damage bug. Thus, players could conceivably compromise the fairness of the competition by purposefully lowering their frame rates in order to gain an edge during the World’s First Raid Race.

According to Paul Tassi, “Cabal Thresher ships will one-shot you with missiles that for some reason have greatly increased damage linked to frame rate. It appears that the bug only affects certain kinds of damage. This, in my opinion, also applies to Cabal Interceptors.

The player population has been asking Bungie for a fix to this bug for quite some time and is aware of it. Players are now learning additional methods for it to happen, so it appears that Bungie hasn’t been able to do so as of yet.

Players will just have to wait and pray that the problem can be resolved by the time the World’s First rolls around because Bungie has not yet indicated whether they are looking into the bug.