Potential Remastered 6v6 Map Discovered by Modern Warfare 2 Fans

Potential Remastered 6v6 Map Discovered by Modern Warfare 2 Fans

There is a lot of enthusiasm among gamers regarding the probable inclusion of a new map in Modern Warfare 2. Remastered versions of well-known maps like Highrise, Terminal, and Favela have been in high demand from fans of the vintage old-school game. They now believe they have found the next one.

There have been reports that Petrov Oil Rig from Modern Warfare: 2019 has been included to the game after players purportedly found a remastered version of it in Farm 18. Following the remastering and debut of numerous other maps, such as Shipment, Shoot House, Dome, and Neuville-turned-Taraq, this find was made.

While Farm 18 has already been updated with a remastered version of Pavlov’s House hidden as an Easter egg in the arena’s building side, gamers have recently discovered an unexpected discovery: the small 6v6 location is now surrounded by a massive city that could even accommodate a Warzone battle royale game.

Two oil rigs are situated close to the beach; one of them looks to have strong similarities to the Modern Warfare 2019 DLC map, which is of special relevance. The back-spawn location on the helicopter pad, the cube-shaped section on the left, and the walkway going to the right flank are just a few of the parallels that fans have noticed.

A fan shared their fondness for the map on Reddit, writing, “I really miss that map, the flanks were a blast.” “Yeah, I was thinking the same thing,” said another admirer in agreement. It unmistakably resembles the Petrov Oil Rig.

The release date of Petrov Oil Rig in the game is unknown. Infinity Ward has previously released the Season 3 material, which includes Pelayo’s Lighthouse (a revamped version of Estate) and Black Gold (a night map) as 6v6 content at launch, and Alboran Hatchery as a mid-season map.

Petrov Oil Rig probably won’t make an appearance until Season 4, and it could not even appear in the game. Additionally, given the amount of updated maps in Warzone 2, it’s possible that Petrov Oil Rig will be kept for the game released the following year. Nevertheless, die-hard gamers are excitedly anticipating its arrival and can’t wait to see what additional surprises Modern Warfare 2 has in store.