Can your dog compete in the “Genius Dog Challenge?”

Can your dog compete in the “Genius Dog Challenge?”

The challenges are being broadcast live for your viewing pleasure, as six clever poachers compete to be the top dog in a scientific pursuit to better understand the origins of the language. On November 11, 2020, a research project was launched that could turn even the most science-phobic head. After two years of searching, Hungarian researchers considered them as the smartest dogs on the planet so they could fight each other in the Genius Dog Challenge.

Researchers say the ability to learn the names of inanimate objects in dogs is rare, which makes it a difficult task to follow a team of qualified opponents. Following commands is a more common skill among canines, but dogs and even researchers were purposefully trained to identify objects according to their purpose.

In search of genius canines, researchers called on social media to identify the names of their various toys for dogs.  In an interview with The Guardian, Dr. Claudia Fugazza, a project scientist at Eötvös Loránd University, said: “We have six such dogs scattered around the world.”Of course, all the dogs discovered in Spain, Norway, Hungary, the Netherlands, and Brazil are border crossings,” he said.  We cannot claim that this is a skill that is only related to border supplies but it seems to be more frequent in them. “

Researchers want to get a better idea of ​​whether dogs actually understand words like language and not and why some dogs are capable of this skill, while others have no idea. To investigate the “language” skills of their clever competitors, the Genius Dog Challenge is divided into two phases. In one round the contestants have a week to name six fancy toys. In the second round, they have to do the same thing but double the toys, learn the names of 12 items.

The rounds will be shown live on Facebook and YouTube from November 11 to December 16. Contestants include Rico, Whisky, Max, Squall, Gaia, and Nalani, so how do you make your competitor set a sweepstake they are your competitors.

To apply, you need to include a video following your pet’s language skills guidelines, and if selected, be put forward for their behavioral investigation and possibly neuroimaging to find out what’s going on in your puppy’s brain, “Bear me a beer Day. Fugazza and colleagues hope the challenge will have a wider impact than just a month of recreational challenges, with the hope that it will encourage exceptional smart dog owners to come forward. If you think your poach may be a competitor, they are searching for dogs that know the names of more than 10 objects or toys.