Types of Report on the basis of Nature of Subject

Types of Report on the basis of Nature of Subject

Types of report on the basis of nature of subject:

Based on subject matter, reports can be classified into the following categories:

Financial report: When a report is prepared containing financial information of an organization, it is called financial report; it generally supplies financial information to prepare financial plans.

Technical report: A technical report is one which is prepared by technical experts or by professionals containing information related to any technical or engineering problem of any project. Quality control report, auditors’ report, weather report etc are the examples of technical report.

Problems detecting report: It is said that, “detection of problem is the half of the solution of problem”. Therefore, when a report is prepared for identifying the problem and die causes behind the problem, it is called problem-detecting report.

Performance report: Performance report is prepared at a regular interval to evaluate the business activities or to as.css the progress of project implementation.

Statistical report: The report which presented data or information through table, chart, graph, picture etc along with necessary analysis and interpretation. It is known as statistical report, “Statistical Year Rook of India”, Export Statistics; Import Statistics etc. are examples of statistical report.

Recommendation report: When a report is prepared suggesting possible solutions or actions to solve any problem, it is called recommendation report.