June Makes Product Analytics More Accessible

June Makes Product Analytics More Accessible

Meet June, a new startup wants to make it easier to create analytics dashboards and generate reports, even if you are not a product analytics expert. June is built on top of your segment data. Like many no-code startups, it uses templates and a graphical interface so that non-technical profiles can start using it. Co-founder and CEO Enzo Avigo told me, “What we do today is instant analysis and that’s why we’re making it to the top of the department. 

“This allows you to access data more quickly.”  The section serves as a data collection and data repository for your analysis. After that, you can start playing with your data in June. Finally, June plans to diversify its data sources. “Our long-term outlook will become the Airtable of analysis,” Avigo said.

If you are familiar with Airtable, June may be familiar. The company has created a template library to help you get started. For example, June helps you track user resistance, active users, your acquisition funnel, engagement, feature usage, etc. Once you have selected a template, you can start creating a report by combining data sources with the templates. June automatically generates charts, arranges your user base in cohorts and shows you important metrics.

You can set goals so that you can be alert to slack whenever something good or bad happens. Advanced users can also use June so that everyone on the team uses the same tool. They can create custom SQL queries and create a template based on that query. The company has raised $1.85 million in seeds under the leadership of Point Nine. Y Combinator, Speedinvest, Kima Ventures, eFounders and Base Case also took part, as well as several business angels.

Prior to June, two startup co-founders worked for Intercom. They have noticed that the analysis tool is very difficult for many people to use. They did not rely on analysis to make educated decisions. There are hundreds of companies using June every week and this number is increasing by 10% every week. The product is now free but the company plans to charge based on usage.