Gillmor Gang: Catching Up

Gillmor Gang: Catching Up

We moved to South Carolina when the epidemic had subsided enough to take the dog, SiriusXM, and our kids into the rearview mirror. Tina endured last year and almost half more when her mother was grieving with an elderly pet, her husband at some point and eventually she died. As the miles melted we split into MSNBC, the Beatles Channel, and a mix of Soul Tape, Stilly Dan, and Bill Wither. Over the years, we have dreamed of a way out of nowhere and now the epidemic has become a part of our reality. We know that companies are trying to figure out ways to combine this digital acceleration with some of the symbols of business life.

Arriving at Charleston Driveway we were tired enough to pay more attention to how the captains of the industry could work. We calculated the departure journey on Monday and arrived on Thursday, three 16-hour days and then a day of rest before recording the next gang session. Instead, we left on Tuesday and arrived the night before the session. Surprisingly, the combination, the three-hour time zone shift and the ease of recording, two M1 Macs, and enough WiFi to move away with it added a relaxed session.

I’ve been using fuzzy mode on zoom for a few months now, so everything felt almost normal. I even started joking with a few boys who couldn’t quite tell which coast we came from. The dogs dig in with their loose in the summer, walk in the backyard for quick checks, and then sit in the strategic places around us in our beds. Our girls have heated up the FaceTime video link with stories of boyfriends and kids (our adult is in his six months) and extended life seemed possible.

When reality penetrated, it somehow appeared with a kind of humility that we hope to become accustomed to. Dinner with our youngest gods was careful – no masks but any hugs – as we made the journey to the new side easier. After our first show here, the destructive phenomenon of the train of Paris with dual agenda and uncomfortable management happens. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, with Brent Lear trying to apologize for his comments on one of Gilmore’s gangs. Apparently, he joked that our show was unpretentious and often had a good chance to sway in the air.