Culture of Carps in an Ideal Pond

It is divided into several specific steps, they are as follows:

1. Preparation of the pond. 2. Collection of fish fry and transportation 3. Releasing the fry in the pond and rearing. 4. Taking care of the rearing fishes; and 5. To apply manure and provide food.

 Preparation of ponds: It is prepared by few steps, such as:

(1) According to necessity a new pond can be excavated or one can be reclaimed to make it an ideal pond.

(2) Germs of the pond have to be kill ed by using lime and the pond can be made fertile with organic fertilizer. By means of this the production of phytoplankton will increase.

(3) When the pond is ready the desired kind of fries are to be released. In the life cycle of carps there are 5 stages:

(i) Eggs (ii) Spawn or egg fry (iii) Fry (iv) Fingerling and (v) adult fish