Musk Talks Tesla Demand, EV Startups, and Scooters in Expansive Interview

Musk Talks Tesla Demand, EV Startups, and Scooters in Expansive Interview

During an extensive 80-minute interview on Tuesday that covered the demand for EVs, the need for raw materials, the issue with hydrogen, and the most promising EV startups, Elon Musk commented on Tesla, SpaceX, and his numerous other businesses, including that social media company he’s trying to buy. While most of what Musk spoke at the Future of the Car conference hosted by the Financial Times in London has already been discussed, a few points stuck out, including the possibility that Tesla would cease taking orders for its vehicles.

Tesla might cease accepting orders. The problem with Tesla is supply, not demand. Demand is currently absurdly outpacing production, according to Musk. We’re actually likely to restrict or cease accepting orders for anything lasting more than a specific amount of time.

By 2030, the company will continue to build 20 million vehicles yearly, a goal Musk claimed he picked because it corresponds to 1% of the world’s fleet. But, he said, “It’s not a promise.” It is aspired to. I believe we will succeed in getting there. In contrast, Tesla produced 930,000 automobiles in the previous year, a number that was “about equally challenging” to attain as reaching 20 million.

Musk is a fan of Volkswagen, Just one day after Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess claimed from the same conference platform that Tesla proved to be stronger than the German powerhouse predicted, Musk chose Volkswagen when asked to name the most remarkable EV startup now functioning. Although VW is not a startup, it may be seen as one from the perspective of electric vehicles, according to Musk. VW is the firm that is truly making the greatest progress outside of Tesla.

He said that China, which accounts for more than a quarter of Tesla’s worldwide sales and is where the company aims to develop its Shanghai Gigafactory, is home to a number of potent businesses. “China has a huge number of extraordinarily talented, diligent individuals who are committed to production. Not only will they work till the wee hours of the morning, but also until three in the morning. In contrast to Americans, who attempt to avoid coming to work at all costs, they won’t even leave the factory sort of thing.

Tesla will continue to be open source. Tesla CEO Elon Musk reaffirmed his open offer to manufacturers to use Tesla’s patents to expand on its Autopilot technology. He stated, “We only patent things to stop others from generating this maze of patents that stifle advancement with electric vehicles. But we won’t really bring legal action against anyone who makes use of our patents. Let’s simply declare that any Tesla patents are free to utilize, in the hopes that it will be beneficial to others.

Tesla, however, needs a year to establish itself before automakers will take notice, according to Musk. “Traditional automakers will find a solution for electrification. Making electric automobiles is currently not essentially tough. The Tesla Autopilot complete self-driving, which I believe they may be interested in licensing, would likely save many lives.

It’s possible to purchase a mining plant. Tesla has been inking long-term contracts with mining firms all over the world to safeguard its supply as EV manufacturers struggle with a lack of the raw materials needed to create lithium-ion batteries. However, the carmaker is not opposed to expanding its involvement in the earthmoving industry. Although we don’t particularly want to acquire mining firms, Musk added, “If that’s the only way to speed up the transition, then we will do it.” “What is required to accelerate has no arbitrary limits. If we believe we can do it, we’ll just take on whatever set of tasks are required to advance sustainable energy, including mining, refining, and purchasing mining companies.

However, using a scooter is not an option. Musk opposed the micromobility gadget when asked whether Tesla intended to produce a vehicle that was cheaper and smaller than the Model 3, such as a scooter. He declared, “Scooters are really unsafe.” “I don’t advise anyone to operate a scooter. A scooter will always lose any debate between it and a vehicle.