Factors that influence on Career Development

Factors that influence on Career Development

The term career means a profession or stability over time. A career defined as the pattern or work-related and experiences that span the course of a personal life. It is the process of enhancing an employee’s future value. Career planning is the pre-stage of entered into the career. Career planning consists of thinking about the position where a person wants to achieve and take necessary actions or steps to achieve those positions.

Factors which have an influence on career development are as written below –

The personality of the employee: Career development depends on the interest of the employee. Whether employee wants to develop his/her career or not.

Education, Training: Education, training etc plays an important role in career development. Basic training and education should be taken before the job for career development.

Behavior and presentation: Person should be well behaved within and outside the organism. A person should know how to present himself/herself in job fields.

Phasing emergency: The term phasing emergency depends on the person’s conceptual ability. How a person behaves in the emergency situation which may help to influence on career development.

The situation of the company: Situation of the company is the crucial factor of career development. If a company is financially solvent then promotion of an employee is very easy, less time consuming and vice-versa.

Physical and mental ability: Physical and mental ability is the factor which influences career development. Whether employees of an organization are interested or able to take career development training or not.

Job performance and evaluation of superior: This factor depends on the feedback of employee, performance and performance appraisal result.

Willingness to change performs job or employer: If employees are not interested to work at the current organization and shift to another organization, then employees try to enrich their career.