Method of Artificial Bee Culture and Collection of Honey

Through ancient method, honey was collected from the combs in forests. In this method smokes drive out the bees from the comb, and honey and wax are collected. In this way the honey collectors collect wax and honey from the Sundarbans. But the number of naturally made honeycomb is decreasing gradually. This is why the bees are cultured artificially nowaday. Like many countries in the world, bee culture is being practiced in our country as well. By this method, scientifically the wax and honey are procured very easily.

The artificial method of bee culture:

A sort of simple comb box is discovered for bee culture. The upper surface of this comb box is opened and within it long sticks are hung. There is an arrangement for covering the upper portion, so that the rainwater may not enter into it in the rainy season. The comb box is kept within the house or in the mustard field above the ground level. At times of box placement some honey is scattered within the box, the smell of which attracts the bees that enters the box through some fixed aperture and due to natural and inborn tendency the bees start to produce comb and collect honey. In this way artificially, bee culture is practiced. If the comb is kept near the naturally made honeycomb, the newly born bees easily form the nest (comb) there.


Honey collection: In ancient method the honey filled honeycomb is smoked, and the honey and wax is collected. At present with the help of special type of instrument honey is extracted. In this way the artificial comb is not damaged and therefore it can be used more than once.