Characteristics of Silk Fibers

Some most common Ccharacteristics of Silk Fibers are:

(i) As the silk fibers can retain some moisture, the clothes made of silk can be used in both the winter and summer seasons.

(ii) The silk is non-conductor of electricity, and therefore can be used as an insulator covering of electric wires.

(iii) The silk thread is used in surgical works.

(iv) Large amount of foreign currency can be earned by exporting clothes made of silk.

(v) The silken clothes manufactured in Bangladesh play a vital role in solving problems of clothing.

(vi) Many people are employed in silk producing factories and mills and the problem of unemployment is solved to some extent.

(vii) The housewives can earn money in the house in return of less labour and less capital through the culture of silk worm.

(viii) The oil secreted from the body of pupae and their remains are useful as poultry feed. The dead pupae are also used as manure.