Prawn Culture Introduction

Prawn is a tasty and delicious aquatic animal. It is not a fish. It belongs to the phylum Arthropoda and class Crustacea. Its body is bilaterally symmetrical and the appendages are joined or segmented. Its body is composed of two regions, namely abdomen and cephalothorax. Cephalothorax is divided into head and thorax. There are 19 pairs of appendages, which are used in catching food, walking, swimming etc. Species of the freshwater prawn genus Macrobrachium are distributed throughout the tropical and subtropical zones of the world.

There is an extension in the cephalothorx named rostrum, which is compressed laterally and serrated. The prawn is a nocturnal and unisexual animal. They can swim in water with the swimming appendages and walk with the walking appendages on the soil in the bottom of water. There are different types of species of prawn in our country, out of which a few species live in fresh water and others in marine water. Again some species live in coastal regions. a4