Culture of Silk Worms or Sericulture

The silk clothes that we use are made of fibers or silk threads produced from the secretion of salivary glands of silk moth. The silk worm is included in the phylum-Arthropoda, class-Insecta and order-Lepidortera. The juice secreted by the salivary gland of silk worm, coming in contact with the air form the silk fibers which are very fine long, elastic and bright. Silk clothes are regarded as most beautiful and valuable clothes in the world. Different species of silk moth produces silk of different qualities. They ore as follows:

(a) Mulberry silkworm: Produce silk of the highest quality.

(b) Endy silkworm: Produce Endy silk fibers.

(c) Tasar silkworm: Produce a type of silk known as Tasar.

Of all these silk fibers, silk produced by the mulberry silk worms is of the best quality.

History of sericulture: Silk was discovered in China about 2000 B.C. From that time the Chinese had the monopoly to produce silk and silken clothes secretly. Two European monks about 500 B.C. learned the technique of producing silk and sent some eggs of silk worms to Europe. It is from that time that the silk cultivation started in Europe. At present, countries like Japan, China, -Italy, Russia, India Brazil etc produce silk and silk clothes of the highest standard and earn a large amount of foreign currency by exporting those.