Essential Characteristics of an Ideal Pond for Carp Culture

Method of fish culture:

Fish culture generally means the rearing and taking care of fishes in internal fresh water bodies. An ideal pond is required to culture fishes successfully. The area of the ponds maybe big or small with a depth of about 3 meters. The culture of major carps is easier and more profitable in an ideal pond. All carps are generally herbivorous.


The essential characteristics of an ideal pond for carp culture:

  1. The surroundings of the pond must be open, neat and clean and airy.
  2. There should be a large quantity of planktonic food in the ideal pond.
  3. The banks of the ponds must be high enough so that no outside water enter into the pond during rainy season.
  4. There should be adequate water in the pond and also arrangements change water when it is necessary.
  5. The weeds and predatory fishes must be removed from the pond.
  6. To keep the water cool, there should be aquatic plants like kalmi, helencha etc. in the summer season.
  7. Cleaning clothes and taking baths with detergents must not be allowed in an ideal pond.