Jim Belushi is Chasing the Magic in Cannabis

Jim Belushi is Chasing the Magic in Cannabis

Jim Belushi doesn’t seem to be over much when we talk to zoom this week. Instead of a joint, he was suffocating on a cigar, but he was still happy and smiling. “It simply came to our notice then. I have the Blues Brothers brand. It’s a good drop, man.”

Jim Belushi was telling me about his weeds, especially about the small 0.7g pre-roll he sells – the perfect size for the post- Covid era, when passing a pair with a friend is probably discouraged. Belushi started his farm in 2015 with 48 cannabis plants. Now, six years and one pandemic later, it has 200 plants in each of its four high-tech greenhouses on the banks of the Rogue River in southern Oregon. “I always chase magic,” Belushi said.

We were talking about the parts provided by his new greenhouses Generation, but Belushi couldn’t stop worrying about the benefits of cannabis. More than just a celebrity from the weed brand, Belushi is a fully committed cannabis consultant. “It’s magic when I do Blues Brothers,” he said. “I chase magic on a movie set when I’m acting, and I chase magic when I sing. I mean, I’ve always chased magic and I’ve been in the cannabis business.” I’m leaving because there’s magic here.”

Belushi is one of the latest groups of celebrities to dive deep into the cannabis world. And he’s not ashamed of it. Check out his social media footprints. Belushi ‘s Twitter name is ‘Cannabis Farmer: Jim Belushi ‘. Her tic-tac-toe and Instagram feeds are full of clips from her farm. There is even a TV series of discoveries about his farm:” Belushi is growing.” 

Cannabis is now life in Belarus. He even turned down a role in a film recently because filming in the fall would be a cut-off time. His agent refused to cut the opportunity and told Belushi that he represented the actors, not the peasants. But according to Jim, cannabis cultivation is more important than acting. Belushi admits, “I am a cross between Elmer Foods and Bill Murray. Like Caddyshack Marie, Belushi is good enough to be dangerous. According to Belushi, he was on the farm for more than 200 days last year. In his eyes, it sets him apart from other celebrity cannabis operations.