SpaceX’s Starship Finally Performs A Successful Landing Before Exploding

SpaceX’s Starship Finally Performs A Successful Landing Before Exploding

SpaceX has finally been able to land one of its starships, the next generation spacecraft that expected to eventually passengers into space orbit and eventually to the moon and Mars. The official video shows the Texas Boca spacecraft grounded Serial No. 10 (SN10) spacecraft conducting a high-altitude test before landing safely. Unfortunately, the car not damaged.  The previous two high-altitude serial numbers 8 and serial number 9 exploded while landing. The situation seemed different for the SN10 even though there was a fire during the landing, the car threw a successful landing technique but after a few minutes, the whole thing went awry!

Although the road in front of the starship is still long, the prototype successfully maneuvers in-flight. The spacecraft expected to take Japan’s online fashion retail billionaire Yusaku Maezawa and eight people to the moon in 2023. Musk also thinks that by 2026 it will be ready to reach Mars. However, many are skeptical about whether this deadline can achieve. For now, we have to wait and see. The SN10 slowly descends to its landing pad, gently touching but leaning slightly. The Director General declared it a success in a live feed on SpaceX: “Beautiful for the third time, as mentioned. We’ve got a successful soft touchdown on the landing pad.”

SpaceX’s Starship Finally Performs A Successful Landing Before Exploding

“As a reminder, the key to today’s test flight was to collect vehicle control data at the time of charter and we were able to do that,” he said. The SpaceX Live feed ended before the explosive death of the SN10. Another feed, provided by the NASA Spaceflight website, turned the cameras around and caught fireballs, as the 16-story long rocket flew back into the air before hitting the side. Musk tweeted at 7:35 pm to celebrate that SN10 had landed “in one piece”, but joked two minutes after the rocket had a “respectable discharge”.

Starship is the next generation of SpaceX, a crew of astronauts and the moon, and finally a fully reusable Mars rocket system to carry 100 tons of cargo on future missions to Mars. The last three prototypes, SpaceX, have piloted in early versions of the top half of the entire Starship system, the bottom half of which is a reusable super-heavy booster powered by an array of SpaceX’s new Raptor rocket engines.

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