Pigeon That Flew All The Way from US to Australia May Be Executed

Pigeon That Flew All The Way from US to Australia May Be Executed

Heart Lifting Update 01/11/2012: Joe Pigeon saved from hanging after Australian authorities determine “bird’s foot band is a fraudulent copy of a legitimate leg band” suspecting Joe was unlikely to be America. With some inspiration to make Pixar feel better next summer: a story of a fierce racing pigeon making it across the Pacific from America to Australia and was searched by authorities for immediate execution. Ah 2021, you are already plundering us.

Melbourne resident Kevin Celli-Bird (no relationship) found a tired pigeon in his backyard on the day of boxing. The bird was definitely in crisis, and after nursing it back to health and naming Joe, soon he could find it. Bird (the human) told Associated Press, “I found a fountain in the backyard and it was a drink and a Wash.” “He was quite forgotten so I crushed a dry biscuit and left it there for him.”

The bird (man) saw the bird the next day (the bird), and had a distinctive blue band on its leaf was able to get very close to see it. After some digging, the bird discovered that the bird was a racing pigeon that disappeared from a race in Oregon on October 29th. Experts told the AP that the bird had hijacked the bird across the Atlantic on a cargo ship (well, somehow hit the elevator), before leaving the bird’s backyard, Brad Turner, secretary of the Australian National Pigeon Association, told the London Economic that a similar incident had occurred. 

The story of the bird’s long journey made the Australian newspapers a light and fun piece about a kind man who helped bring the pigeon back to health. When the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service saw the story, they said they wanted to deport or kill the bird. The bird (human) department was contacted, who told him that the bird was probably “not allowed to stay in Australia”, perhaps in the cruelest way of expressing it.

A spokesman for the BBC said in a statement: “Regardless of the source, any domesticated bird that does not meet the imported health status and testing requirements is not allowed to stay in Australia.” There will be birds. “The only possible outcome to manage the biosecurity risk is humane destruction of the bird.” Despite accusing Amber Heard of bringing their pet dog into the country illegally in 2015, Australia has strict rules, a crime punishable by up to ten years in prison.