Major claims of an Individual to his Organization

Major claims of an Individual to his Organization

General or major claims of an Individual to his Organization

There is a relationship between an individual with an organization. There are three major claims made by an individual in his social transaction with an organization. These claims are given below:

(a) Improvement: Improvement is the psychological purpose of an individual’s relationship with an organization. Improvement is expressed in terms of the rewards he receives. Such as opportunity, money, recognition, and personal development. Improvement has become a normal expectation of people in much of the world as they seek to improve both their standard of living and their quality of life.

(b) Independence: Independence is the basic demand that a person makes of any organization in return for his cooperation. He does not give all of himself. He deserves something for his own initiative, self-determination, and privacy. In interacting with the organization he insists on freedom of action. He seeks organizational practices which give him more independence.

(c) Justice: Justice is the standard of treatment which a man expects from an organization in order to continue has a relationship with it. Justice makes group life tolerable. It is based on fairness, reason, and prudence in organizational acts. Justice means compliance with the spirit of a relationship as well as the letter of it. Justice is what holds an organization together in voluntary cooperation.