TechCrunch Early Stage is the startup boot camp you’ve always needed

TechCrunch Early Stage is the startup boot camp you’ve always needed

Wondering how to nail that virtual pitch meeting and rise VC funding? Alternatively, how build a high-octane sales team? What recruiting primary team members that will boost future growth? Thinking about your personal finances as a founder when managing the finances of a new organization, Legal, Marketing, PR. Being a great leader? One answer to each of these questions and many more will be in the early stages of TechCrunch’s events. The event series takes place across two dates: April 1 – 2 and July 8 – 9.

Unlike other TechCrunch events, there is no ‘core stage’ here each session is designed to tackle one of the few core skills in order to be successful. However, it is not just about listening – each session includes plenty of time for the audience to answer questions. It is all breakout sessions, all day. Our incredible speakers, who range from Zoom CRO Ryan Azus (‘How to Build a Sales Team’) to Calendar Founder Top Awotona (‘How to Bootstrap’) to Kleiner Perkins Bucky Moore (‘ How to Prepare for a Fundraising Series)), range Making them available to answer your burning questions about just about anything.

What’s more – everyone buys TC Early Stage tickets and gets free access to the extra crunch! People who buy tickets to one of the two events get free for three months and people who buy tickets to that set (in both events) get free for six months! Additional Crunch subscriptions include:

  • Weekly investor surveys
  • Fundraising, growth, monetization, and workforce advice from startup experts
  • Market analysis
  • Late-deep dives
  • Access to weekly Extra Crunch Live events
  • EC Perks Program (save big $$$ on services and products you already use)
  • The TechCrunch List

Of course, TC Early Stage dual event ticket holders will have access to both events (April 1 – 2 and July 8 – 9) and access to all content exiting the event as needed. Hired CEOs know very well that this the bang period you can get the most for your box.

Still on the fence Preview some sessions on TC Early Stage 2021:


  • Bootstrapping Best Practices (Tope Awotona and Blake Bartlett, Calendly)
  • Four Things to Think About Before Raising a Series A (Bucky Moore, Kleiner Perkins)
  • How to Get An Investor’s Attention (Marlon Nichols, MaC Venture Capital)
  • How to Nail Your Virtual Pitch Meeting (Melissa Bradley, Ureeka)
  • How Founders Can Think Like a VC (Lisa Wu, Norwest Venture Partners)
  • The All-22 View, or Never Losing Perspective (Eghosa Omoigui, EchoVC Partners)


  • Finance for Founders (Alexa von Tobel, Inspired Capital)
  • Building and Leading a Sales Team (Ryan Azus, Zoom CRO)
  • 10 Things NOT to Do When Starting a Company (Leah Solivan, Fuel Capital)
  • Leadership Culture and Good Governance (David Easton, Generation Investment Management)


  • Keys to Nailing Product Market Fit (Rahul Vohra, Superhuman)
  • How to Build Your Early Team for Future Growth (Sarah Smith, Bain Capital Ventures)
  • How to Get Into an Accelerator (Neal Sales-Griffin, TechStars)
  • Finding Your Product Market Fit (Sean Lane, OliveAI)
  • How To Use Coaches To Your Advantage (Ted Wang, Cowboy VC)