The Best Laptop Innovation of 2022 is Ctrl+Alt+Delete

The Best Laptop Innovation of 2022 is Ctrl+Alt+Delete

Since there isn’t much computer news during the holiday season, I’ve decided to look back on the entire year for my most recent piece and highlight the best laptop developments I’ve personally witnessed.

Due to their high price or the fact that they are not yet suitable for general use, these fantastic characteristics might not necessarily be included in the list of the best laptops of the year. However, they offer a fascinating glimpse into the laptops of the future, with improved versions most likely to follow in the years to come.

And even if they do have a lot of flaws, it’s still wonderful to see laptop makers ready to take a chance and inject some creativity into a sector that typically plays it safe.

Here are the laptop advancements from 2022 that really excited me and that I hope to see more of in the upcoming year.

Foldable screen – Asus Zenbook 17 Fold OLED: When I tested the Asus Zenbook 17 Fold OLED back in August, I fell in love with its foldable screen. It revolutionized the way I used to use a laptop by enabling me to fold it away when I was ready to go home after work and prop up the enormous 17-inch screen like a tablet for work.

I was impressed by how Windows would automatically realign itself anytime the keyboard was placed on top of the screen or even when the device was rotated between a horizontal and vertical position.

When I returned the Fold OLED to Asus after the review time, I can’t recall ever being so heartbroken about losing a device. Nevertheless, there are numerous problems with this gadget. First of all, it costs more than £3000, is subpar in terms of performance, and has a shorter battery life than similar products.

Because of this, it’s challenging to suggest the Asus Zenbook 17 Fold OLED in its present situation. Even still, I can’t help but long for the foldable design. Even while the technology may not yet be fully developed, foldable laptops will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the business in the years to come.

Touch Bar – Dell XPS 13 Plus: I figured that Apple’s contentious Touch Bar on earlier MacBook Pro generations would deter laptop makers from trying anything comparable for a while. I was absolutely mistaken because Dell updated its most recent laptop with its own versions of the Touch Bar.

When the function key is pushed, the Touch Bar on the Dell XPS 13 Plus can switch between shortcut icons. It doesn’t have all the features of Apple’s Touch Bar, but it succeeded in being a superb compromise between the new and the old.

In 2023, I would like Dell to take this idea a step further by allowing users to select their own unique shortcuts. However, Dell’s decision to challenge the established quo and bring the antiquated keyboard into the current era was a solid starting point.

Acer Predator Helios 300 SpatialLabs Edition 3D display: When Avatar has first launched thirteen years ago, 3D technology enthusiasm was at its height. But since then, sales of 3D TVs have virtually disappeared due to waning consumer enthusiasm. So you can imagine how shocked I was when Acer released their SpatialLabs laptop in 2022, enabling 3D gaming without the requirement of special glasses.

It’s incredible to play 3D games, with titles like God of War and Shadow of the Tomb Raider giving settings greater depth and richness. No question, 3D technology improves your experience.

AI features – Microsoft Surface Pro 9 5G: The only topic of discourse when discussing laptop processors is typically how quickly it makes the laptop. With the Surface Pro 9 5G, which boasts a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip capable of some spectacular AI tricks, Microsoft sought to alter that perception.

I did receive hands-on time with the Surface Pro 9 at a Microsoft event, however, I haven’t yet released my review of it. A representative showed me a few cool capabilities, like the ability to make it appear as though you’re gazing directly into the webcam when on a video chat.

The Surface Pro 9 can keep your face in focus even if you move around the room because it can follow your head. The Microsoft laptop also has the ability to cancel out background noise, so anyone using it for a video call won’t be able to hear your dog barking or your child screaming.

People who keep up with the latest smartphone advancements might not be overly impressed by any of this because companies like Google have been developing cutting-edge AI features for years. However, it’s nice to see the laptop market catching up and understanding that a processor can do more than just deliver excellent performance, especially with AI’s enormous potential.