The Official Unboxing of the OnePlus Open Foldable Reveals Its Gapless Design

The Official Unboxing of the OnePlus Open Foldable Reveals Its Gapless Design

With the planned debut of OnePlus’ first foldable in the market, Samsung India will soon have a legitimate opponent in the foldable industry. The new foldable is believed to feature flagship specifications, putting it on par with the only two players in the country that have introduced premium horizontal folding smartphones – Samsung and Tecno. We recently caught a peek of what appeared to be a OnePlus Open being used by actress Anushka Sharma, following many leaked renders. With the planned global launch date now set for October 19, OnePlus opted to perform its own big reveal and show off the design of its first foldable.

The handset was disclosed by YouTuber Lewis Hilsenteger, who also interviewed OnePlus Co-Founder and CEO Pete Lau while introducing the device. In the video, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau described how the OnePlus Open combines the best of OnePlus and Oppo’s technology breakthroughs into one device.

The video clearly focuses on the phone’s completely new design language, which stands apart from any OnePlus smartphone in recent memory. The metal frame features flat sides and an overall form factor that is considerably different from the passport-sized broader inner and outer displays of the Oppo Find N2. At the same time, the form factor does not appear to be close to Samsung’s slim remote-control-like design, making the exterior display a little cramped to operate. The display glass reaches the borders of the slim metal frame on the front, which, along with the flat front and rear panels, gives it a highly modern appearance.

The Official Unboxing of the OnePlus Open Foldable Reveals Its Gapless Design

Lau states that the business has 600 patents relating to foldable technology and explains how this allows for a gapless design, which was first seen on the Oppo Find N. When put between the two parts of the foldable, the hinge is strong enough to hang from a sheet of paper, as demonstrated in the video.

Lau also states in the video that OnePlus owns 35 patents for the redesigned hinge’s design. This new hinge is an advance over the Oppo Find N2 in that it has fewer components, making it not only lighter but also more compact and robust. The hinge is 37% smaller than that of the previous Oppo Find N2 model.

OnePlus has made a place for its unique Alert Slider, which has been available on its premium devices for many years, in addition to the hinge. However, its existence suggests a lack of an IP rating, which is also missing from OnePlus’s most premium smartphone offering, the OnePlus 11 5G.

Aside from design, Lau discusses adapting apps to the inner folding display, which only Samsung has done well with its Galaxy Z series horizontal foldable. According to the CEO, the company has collaborated with Google to guarantee that programs adapt smoothly when used with dual displays.

Another revelation revealed by Lau in the video is that OnePlus would have distinct product strategies for each location. And doing so will allow the corporation to ensure that the product reaches as many people as possible.

It’s worth noting that the unit in the video is an early prototype. So, by the time the final production units are ready for the launch announcement, things are expected to alter. Another thing to note is that the phone was not turned on for the duration of the video, which could imply that the software isn’t yet ready. According to the most recent sources, the device will be released on October 19, 2023. The smartphone is projected to be priced lower than Samsung’s premium foldable offering, the Galaxy Z Fold 5, which you can read about here.