No Cables, no Ports, and No Issues When the “World’s First Completely Wireless TV” Debuts at CES 2023

No Cables, no Ports, and No Issues When the “World’s First Completely Wireless TV” Debuts at CES 2023

CES is unquestionably the global stage to introduce a wild TV concept on. A 55-inch 4K OLED TV from US startup business Displace appears to be one of the out-there screens that will be on display at CES 2023 in a few weeks. You hear that this 55-inch 4K OLED TV is “the first totally wireless TV in the world,” not just any TV.

If you’re already picturing your TV in the living room without a power outlet and with HDMI cables trailing off the back, stop right there. The Displace TV is actually a quite different animal from the one that now occupies a prominent position in our living room. According to the proposal, a panel or series of panels that together may produce a 110-inch display with 16K resolution are fixed to a wall of a house. Instead of the more conventional permanent wall installation, these panels can be securely adhered to a wall with just “a tiny push” thanks to Displace’s patented active-loop vacuum technology. This makes the TV portable, especially considering that the 55-inch model only weighs about 9 kg.

You guessed it: rechargeable batteries power the panels instead of an AC power supply. Due to Displace’s patented hot-swappable battery mechanism, they can be charged one at a time while the TV is on and have a battery life of about a month based on six hours of active TV watching each day. The base device, which must be powered by an electrical outlet but can be hidden, is where the panels wirelessly link to.

By now, you’ve undoubtedly guessed that the Displace TV doesn’t come with a regular remote control. In actuality, it doesn’t have one at all. Its unique control via hand gestures, voice assistants, and touch panels, which makes it significantly more engaging than a regular television, round out its quirkiness. In that regard, the presence of a built-in 4K camera and support for Wi-Fi 6E lead us to believe that this device is more analogous to a large tablet than a television.

It’s clear that Displace wants to disrupt the TV industry by replacing our rigid, cumbersome, and cluttered sets with its portable, wire-free, hands-on alternative. Whether we (or our bank accounts) are fully prepared for what Displace has in store for us, however, is a very another story.

Nevertheless, the Displace TV is on its way: reservations will be accepted on the Displace website starting on January 5th, and shipping is scheduled to begin in late 2023. Now, all we have to do is anticipate using one at CES. Oh, and determining the price, of course.