Explain Transformation of Energy

Energy is being transformed continuously from one form to another. Various incidents are taking place in this universe due to transformation of energy. Though energy is transforming from one form to more than one form, the total amount of energy in this universe remains unchanged.

Transformation of energy is required for man, computer or any other machine to work or to make any change or to process anything. One form of energy can be used to produce another different form of energy. Actually, one form of energy is simultaneously transforming into another form which is known as the transformation of energy. What happens when anyone plays guitar?

The muscle energy of the artist transforms into mechanical energy on the vibrating string which transforms into sound energy as a melodious music and travels to our ears. When wood is burned chemical energy is released and transforms into heat and light energy. A chemical reaction takes place in an electric cell and the chemical energy of these reactions transforms into electric energy which is used for various purposes.

When a definite amount of energy of a particular form is transformed how much energy is obtained? It can be known from the law of conservation of energy.

When such a transformation takes place there is no net loss of energy. The energy lost by one body is exactly equal to the energy gained by another body.

In fact, we can neither create energy nor destroy it. In other words the total energy of the universe does neither increase nor decrease. The amount of energy that existed in the universe at the moment of its creation exists till today. This known as conservation of energy.