The mysterious raw-free blue flame is actually three flames in one

The mysterious raw-free blue flame is actually three flames in one

A new study now shows that it is not a single flame. This is a three-in-one deal. Advances in work science are published.  Four years ago, researchers discovered a strange new type of flame – a blue vortex capable of igniting a completely burning flame without.

To work on how the blue vortex behaves, the team created a sophisticated computer simulation that combines equations to describe the motion of the liquid with models that describe how the fuel behaves chemically. Combustion is crucial for energy production and many industrial processes. Its major shortcomings are visible all around us in the worrying climate crisis.

The work revealed that three flames are happening at the same time, the blue vortex gives such a skill. The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets. The three are combined in a bright blue ring. The base of the vortex is called a premixed rich flame and contains excess fuel. At the end of the vortex, there is a thin flame – an intelligent structure that is rich in air and weak fuel. Joseph Chung, co-author of the study, and colleagues from the University of Maryland wrote in the study, “Only if we understand its structure can we establish it, scale it, and create it as we wish.”

The researchers argue that this question refers to many more, such as our ability to control it, manipulates its size, and limits it to an additive or propulsion device. Scientists first discovered the phenomenon of blue vortices by studying the vortices of fire over water to clean up oil spills. For formation, it first goes through a rolling state of a burning fire, before it is able to ignite the burning fuel. After discovering it, people thought it could be mastered for efficient combustion.

“None of these questions can be easily answered until we at least understand the structure and dynamics of flame and find a tool through which we can easily explore some of these questions. This paper describes the first steps: a tool that can be used to investigate and test the phenomenon and how it has been used to reveal the blue vortex structure. “The researchers explained, “The temptation to be able to burn any liquid hydrocarbon efficiently and clearly is very attractive.”