Today Wordle Hints, Clues, and Answer for September 17th, 2018 (#455)

Today Wordle Hints, Clues, and Answer for September 17th, 2018 (#455)

Finally, the Sun’s day has arrived!

Here are some entertaining Sunday facts:

In the West, Sunday is regarded as a day of the weekend. It is often regarded as the start of the week everywhere else, despite the fact that in Japan, classes are offered Monday through Friday and occasionally on Saturday. Even though Sunday is a day of the weekend in many nations, including the US, it is the first day of the seven-day work week. Not at all difficult!
In Hellenistic astrology, there are seven “planets”: Saturn, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon. This is where the word “Sunday” comes from.

Even though Christianity has pagan roots, the day is revered in that religion. In Roman culture, the day was dedicated to the Sun God. Sunday was proclaimed the Roman day of rest by Constantine I, the first Christian emperor of Rome, on March 7, 321 (similar to the Sabbath in Jewish culture, though that falls on Saturday). Although the day of rest is not usually observed with the same strictness as the Sabbath, “Lazy Sunday” is a great tradition that I strongly suggest everyone, regardless of faith, observe!

If you truly enjoy Sundays, you might want to consider becoming a Catholic. In terms of liturgy, at least, Sunday begins on Saturday evening, hence the Saturday evening Mass is considered a Sunday mass.
With full-color comics, a ton of extra material, and special offers, Sunday newspapers are frequently the largest of the week (or were frequently when people still received dead-tree papers). On Sunday evenings, a lot of cable programming and sports, including American football, are broadcast.
Naturally, Wordle occurs every day of the week, including on Sundays. Check out this Sunday’s Wordle, shall we?

As a result, I chose the name Little Mermaid as my first guess for today. Because the actress portraying the live-action Ariel in the new live-action Disney adaptation is Halle Bailey, a black woman, that character has caused some controversy. For those of you interested in my non-Wordle stuff, I wrote about that at my Substack and created a movie about it on my YouTube channel.

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My subsequent prediction reduced the 96 remaining options to 52, which is by no means excellent. But what a wonderful word, no? Odium. The word has a somewhat unusual definition: “the state or fact of being susceptible to hatred and contempt as a result of a heinous act or blameworthy circumstance.”

The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson comes to mind when I hear the word “odium.” As soon as I hear “Let’s go, Brandon!” I consider Brandon Sanderson’s tremendous Kickstarter achievement.